10 Ways To Be Creative

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun”.
-Mary Lou Cook

As a Vega school student, I often have to rely on my creative talents at will. I do not always have the luxury of waiting for moments of inspiration. The studying conditions that I study in are not always very inspiring. Interruptions are common, background noise is frequent and my view of the inside of a dull apartment in the business district of Johannesburg are not what some would consider ideal conditions for creativity. Yet, I manage to get in touch with my creativity and produce some surprisingly great work results.

Getting in touch with creativity does not require beautiful mountain vistas, uninterrupted focus, motivational speeches, or anything else outside of ourselves. These things can help trigger our creativity, but they are not required. Our inspiration to be creative always comes from within, even when it seems to be triggered from the outside.

Here is the list of my top ten ways to be creative:

  1. Take walks.
  2. Create a dream board.
  3. Follow those relevant to your passion.
  4. Go offline – avoid spending time on the internet.
  5. Do something you’ve been putting off.
  6. Have a regular date with yourself.
  7. Ask people about their passion.
  8. Take time to de-clutter your room, your bag, your desk, your social accounts, and even your mind and heart. 
  9. Keep a journal.

Don’t just wait for it but don’t force either.Image

Image source (http://searches.qone8.com/search/images?qsi=11&q=10%20ways%20to%20be%20creative&page=2&fcoid=4&fpid=2#PhotoSwipe1402586432509)


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